Carboncor established in 1999, is a manufacturing concern with a focus on cold asphalt and its development. The achievement of technologically sound asphalt has enabled the company to achieve both market penetration into numerous countries and a financially viable share of these markets.

Our technology and service is critical in addressing today’s requirements as well as the innovation and foresight for tomorrow’s challenges.

With a culture of continuous improvement, our approach of dedicated service to customers, fulfilment of commitments and quality without compromise has enabled Carboncor to achieve its status as quality cold asphalt with user friendly attributes in all climatic conditions.

Our experience from tropical monsoon climatic conditions to climates where weather conditions regularly fall below freezing and snow fall is a regular occurrence bare testament to this bold statement.

Of course Carboncor is not Carboncor without its environmental concerns. Our cold production process in our manufacturing facilities and the lack of heat in the application process help Carboncor to play its part in achieving a green foot print.

We provide a full manufacturing process allowing complete beneficiation of the raw materials we purchase



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